Caring for a Jasmine Plant

Jasmine can be a great addition to your collection of indoor or outdoor plants as long as it is given the proper care. These magnificent plants can grow up to 15 feet tall, make your home or garden to smell amazing and produce flowers that you can turn into a delicious tea. Growing Jasmine is easy as long as you pay attention to its water, light and temperature requirements. Continue reading

Plant Haircut! Separating Jasmine

My jasmine plant was getting huge and bushy so I decided to give it a pre-Spring haircut. Jasmine plants grow best when left to vine, and my jasmine had never been given a stick or anything to grow on, making it sad and bushy.

We took the Jasmine out of the pot and let its roots breathe. They were strong and healthy, a good sign that the re-potting was needed. Continue reading