Make-Your-Own Mini Pizzas

Making homemade pizza is way more fun than ordering out! Making your own pizza isn’t hard at all, it just requires a little bit of time for the dough to rise and for you to top your pizza.

Decorating the pizzas is one of my favorite cooking activities. The possibilities for toppings are endless! This is a great dinner ideas for couples, kids, friends, dinner parties, or anyone who wants to turn their food into art and get creative! Continue reading

Foraging for Pine Needle Vinegar

Are you looking for more winter items to forage for free and satisfying food? Foraging for wild food is fun and satisfies a primal gathering, human need. Pine needles no longer need to be a hassle in the wintertime. They fall and coat walkways, leaving a slippery mess. Harvest some of the pine needles and make them into a delicious and earthy pine needle vinegar. Continue reading

Hearty Ixtapa-Style Tortilla Soup

The best tortilla soup I’ve ever had came from a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Ixtapa, Mexico called Mama Norma’s. I’ve been here plenty of times as a child and this soup holds a special place in my memory. Common restaurant tortilla soup is always a huge letdown. Since unfortunately, I can’t visit Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo every day, I made up this soup at home and I swear-it tastes exactly like the original. I use toasted Ancho chili peppers to give this hearty soup its deep, smoky flavor without being too spicy. Continue reading