Essential Tools for the Garden

Gardening is one of my favorite past times. Doing it right is even more fun and growing with minimal effort is even more rewarding. Having the right equipment on hand while gardening will make everything go smoother which translates into healthier plants.

Here we overview some of the essential tools for gardening. We also go through some of the variations of the basic tools to find the absolute perfect tool for your project. Continue reading

Caring for Your Garden Tools

It’s about time to get outside and start working in the garden! As we dig out our weather-beaten garden tools, it becomes obvious that we may not have taken very good care while putting them away last fall.  There may be some old mud chunks left on a shovel, or maybe our pruners just don’t close as freely as they used too.  Taking proper care of your garden tools will reduce the time and frustration you put into your growing area. Continue reading