Baby Chicks at the Farm!

Chirp Chirp! The sounds of spring! We are in the first year of starting a small farm, so we haven’t been as active here as we’d like to be. Our farm planning has taken up lots of time and it’s finally time to put those ideas into action! One of the first things we did this season was start our flock of chickens—we purchased more than 20 baby chicks and they are so cute! Continue reading


An old Chinese proverb says: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. But by learning aquaponics, the ability to feed an entire community a plethora of vegetables and fish products becomes possible. You’ll be able to feed a whole city. Continue reading

Exciting! Our Produce is at the Local, Natural Grocery Store!

There’s nothing more exciting than producing something great and being able to sell it in a legitimate business location. As outdoor enthusiasts who like to shop locally and patron businesses with a strong connection to the local community, we like to visit places like the Moscow Co-Op. What’s even more exciting is they have been buying produce from our farm to sell in their store! Continue reading

Why Are My Plant Leaves Yellow? Causes and Fixes [Infographic]

Have any of your plants turned yellow or become discolored? Sometimes this can happen with little to no warning, leaving experienced gardeners confused and upset. The leaves will quickly fall and the plant will wither, which can be a very sad event for a plant lover. Luckily, here’s a great infographic by Safer Brand that helps to explain common causes of why your plants turn yellow, and ways you can fix it. Continue reading

From Garden to Greenhouse: What to Call Your Growing Space

Growing and propagating plants connects you to yourself, the environment, and the Earth.  It can relieve stress, fight disease, improve memory, and so much more.  We can provide ourselves with food, enjoy a walk in a forest, or catch a glimpse of a beautifully sculpted bonsai tree. There are endless benefits of growing plants but one thing that has always thrown me off is what to call a growing space in various situations.  Here we review a few of the big names out there and a little about their connotations. Continue reading