Catching Crawfish [Elma, Washington]

A rolling river in Elma is one of my favorite places to try and catch crawfish! Though we’ve never been the most successful since the river’s pretty small, the whole experience is fun and unique. It’s exciting and hopeful to put the trap in the water, armed with hamburgers and pieces of meat for bait. (We like to feed our crawfish well!) Continue reading

Foxgloves in Elma, Washington

I recently enjoyed a restorative weekend camping near the Washington coast in Elma. Gazing up at the stars from the vast wildness expanse of Western WA is one of my favorite summer pastimes but since moving to Pullman, the 6+ hour drive isn’t something we can readily do each weekend. Instead, it made this trip much more special. Continue reading

Elma, Washington

My woodsy paradise is located just two hours away from each Seattle and Portland. Elma, Washington is a sleepy, small town.We get to go camping there by the river just about as often as we can.


Once we drive through the gate and down the overgrown trails to the campsite, I am overwhelmed with the beauty and silence of the forest. Every time I go here I feel like my heart has been begging for the stillness and peace that you can’t find near a city. Continue reading