How to Safely Transplant a Baby Cactus

The diverse species of cactus are some of my favorite types of plants to garden. Once cacti are old enough, the “mother” plant begins to produce smaller pups which can be transplanted and grown separately. Here is a great and simple tutorial on how to safely transplant them. Check it out!

Paso a Paso Crafts



  1. A “mother” cactus with it´s “baby” cactuses
  2. A pot
  3. scissors
  4. A long piece of cardboard
  5. Decorative stones (optional)

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Plant it Forward: The Power of Greensharing

Plants are everywhere, but sometimes growing them and keeping them alive and thriving indoors can be tough. Some people have a special-seeming Green Thumb and keep producing plants until their houses are filled and their properties resemble lush gardens.  Continue reading