Buzz! Buzz! Standing in a Swarm of 60,000 Bees

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!The sound of 60,000 swarming bees was loud in my ears and the hair on my arms was beginning to stand on end. I slowly took a couple of steps back, making sure not to make any harsh or quick movements. Jake had told me that the honeybees wouldn’t sting if I didn’t do anything to make them feel threatened. Since I am allergic to wasps, I was naturally afraid of these small insects flying around me in the air (their bites/stings are not the same). However, I quickly gained confidence and my fear melted away; the bees were friendly. Continue reading

Me, the Bee, and the Wasp

One hot summer day I was doing work in the garden, thinking of some of the different environmental processes happening alongside me. This day, the honey bees were on my mind. I recalled their critical role in pollinating many of the plants that would harvest later. Continue reading