Petrichor: Earth’s Scent After a Rain

It’s been raining a lot recently and the fresh air after a hard rain makes the warm Earth steam and drink in the water from the sky. There’s a word for the fresh feeling we get after the rains subside.

Petrichor: (n.) the smell of the earth after rain hits dry soil and soaks it into the ground. Continue reading

Tenalach: One With Nature

I moved back to Eastern Washington in search of a strong connection I felt to the land, the beauty of the sky and the alien environment of the Palouse hills. The one-ness and bond I feel toward the earth and sky there is like finding a piece of yourself that’s been missing your whole life. It’s called tenalach.

Tenalach: (n.) The relationship one has to the land, the air, the water. A deep connection that makes you one with nature.
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