Philocaly: The Love of Beauty

Beauty is all around us. From a single green leaf holding a dew drop in the morning to the pink and purple skies of a fiery orange sunset, there’s always much more for our eyes to behold. If you love the beauty of nature and can’t get enough of it, consider yourself a philocalist.

Philocaly: (n.) the love and intense appreciation of beauty. Continue reading

Inspiration from Strong Seedlings

These beautiful little seedlings are a mixture of Arugula, Kale and Lettuce. They survived being left outdoors at night too early in the springtime and a pretty harsh thinning of their siblings, yet they are flourishing in the rays of the sun.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and they are drinking in the light. Continue reading

If Everyone Grew A Tiny Forest…

I recently watched an incredible TedTalk that was inspiring and motivating. The talk was called How to Grow a Tiny Forest Anywhere and it gave me hope that the future of our environment and the diversity of our native forests can be restored.

Through his work, entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma showed his audience how he can grow a tiny forest in a barren patch of land equal to the size of 6 car parking spaces. Continue reading